Gain valuable knowledge by exploring the site and its large array of interactive media on issues relating to human rights, antisemitism, racism, genocide, immigration, and more. Let this knowledge give you the courage to take action on these topics and positively influence your world.

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Unit 3

Understanding Prejudice and Discrimination

Scrutinize why people judge each other, and how these judgments become stereotypes that can lead to further discrimination. Take a close look at negative, inhumane acts of prejudice and the challenges we all face in developing perceptions about our world.

Unit 4


Become aware of the different categories and concepts of immigration in Canada, and the factors determining each country’s attitudes toward immigration.

Unit 6

Living Together in Today's World

Explore the various facets that we embrace as “Canadian Values”, including the rights, freedoms and responsibilities we have as Canadian citizens, while recognizing the strengths of diversity within Canadian society.